It's a busy time here in my Flutewiseland office. Like all things in life, some are going exceptionally well and others not so well.

Bookings for Flutewise Live! on 16 July are really impressive. If you are planning to come along I advise you to book your tickets soon. 

What is not going well is Abbotsholme. It's almost certainly to do with the date change. I really, really want to make this course happen as I don't want to disappoint the youngsters who have already booked and we have such a great time every time we go there. I've managed to find a bit of money, so I've got 5 places at a hugely reduced cost that I can offer to deserving young flute players. If you know anyone suitable can you get in touch immediately? Or if you have any other ideas about spreading the word I'd be grateful. The course at Abbotsholme is 4.00 pm on Thursday 27 July to 4.00 pm on Saturday 30 July and we have a few children who will be travelling by train from London with a member of staff.