Flutewise at Abbotsholme - help needed

I hope you are enjoying this fantastic weather. I am, but I'm having a bit of a worrying time about our summer residential course at Abbotsholme. Through no fault of  my own, I've had to agree to slightly different dates for our course. You can imagine what this means! I really, really want the course to go ahead as it is always an absolutely wonderful experience for everyone involved and I don't want to disappoint the young flute players who have already booked. 
The course is now Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 July. It starts and ends at 4.00 pm. It is aimed at all young flute players from the age of 8 upwards and there is the opportunity for people aged 16+ to be involved in Flutewise Apprentice training. Abbotsholme is a wonderful venue in the heart of the countryside, near Alton Towers. We always have a lovely time there. As well as fantastic musical work, we enjoy exploring the grounds (there is a farm!) and the food is excellent.
If you are a young flute player, are you interested? If you are a flute teacher, can you please spread the word? I can offer discount on prices to encourage people if bookings are received by 30 June. Please email me or phone me if you want to know more.
If you are a flute teacher and would like to be involved and can encourage 3 or more young flute players to come along, please get in touch and we can explore the possibility.