Atarah Ben Tovim is one of my favourite people in the flute world and I am so thrilled she has agreed to be a Flutewise Ambassador. I didn't really need to ask her, because encouraging people to play the flute (which is what we ask Flutewise Ambassadors to do) is something Atarah has been doing all of her life.

You can learn all about Atarah's wonderful flute life by visiting her website.

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Atarah has been involved with Flutewise activities since we started. She often contributed to our magazine and has played leading roles in many events. We share so many happy memories.




I asked Atarah to answer our questions:

How old were you when you started playing? What inspired you to start?


I was almost 12 and started after making a recorder in woodwork classes.

And finding I was good at it, the teacher who also played the flute, let me try hers - and I was hooked.


What make was your first flute?

Selmer Gold Seal from Bill Lewingtons.


What do you play on now?

 A Trevor James silver flute.


Who influenced you as a young flute player?

Gareth Morris - first flute in the Philharmonia.


Do you have any other musicians in your family?

An elder brother who plays sax not too badly!


Which three artists and/or pieces would you advise a young person to listen to?

Jackie Dupre- Elgar cello concerto.

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)

Mozart paino concertos.   


What piece of advice would you give to a young flute player?

Enjoy every moment of playing, and try and find others to play with.


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