Croatia course

I’m just off to Croatia for the summer course and looking forward to seeing lots of lovely flute players there. Back at the end of August when I’ll update you on the next performance of the Flutewise Club at the Old Barn Garden Centre on Sunday 29 September - reserve it in you diary if you want to join us.

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays.

Flutewise at the Old Barn Garden Centre

Michelle with Lester and some of the flute players

Michelle with Lester and some of the flute players

Yesterday some of us enjoyed a really lovely day at The Old Barn Garden Centre, Horsham. We were there to perform and raise funds for a charity, Canine Partners.

The flute players who attended take part in our Flutewise Club which is held monthly in Portslade, this happens with the support from Music for All. We put together a programme of music that we hoped the general public would enjoy hearing. This is what we played:

1. When You Wish Upon a Star - everyone

2. Carmen: Bizet - Max, Sophie, Tomoko

3. In Hall of Mountain King: Grieg arranged by Jerry Randalls

4. Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons arranged by Jerry Randalls

5. Autumn from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons arranged by Jerry Randalls

6. Gossec: Tambourin   - Max, Sophie, Tomoko

7. Londonderry  - Max, Sophie, Tomoko

8. Caprice: Paganini arranged by Jerry Randalls

9. Yellow Submarine

10. Over the Rainbow

Session Time - 

11. Lotus Talk

12. Memory

13. Summertime

14. Mike Mower - Folk Song Medley

We performed at 11.00 and 1.00 and our programme lasted 40 minutes. That took a lot of stamina for the young players.

Michelle, who has a dog, Lester, came along from Canine Partners. It’s a great small charity that provides helping dogs for disabled people. Michelle told us how Lester can answer the door, fill and empty the washing machine, pick things up she needs, help with the shopping and even understands cash withdrawal machines! As well as his amazing skills he is the most gorgeous dog. We raised £90.15! We are hoping to repeat our performance next term and hope we can raise more, especially as one of our very original Flutewise members, Carla, is on the list to have a dog.

I’m really impressed and thrilled with our flute players who worked so hard and gave their time to do this (and their parents who supported) and I’m grateful to the Old Barn Garden Centre. All of the staff we came across were so lovely.

At the end of our performances we had a look around the garden centre and we were thrilled to find an owl display - we found our Flutewise owl, Flutey! If you click on the photos, lots of different ones will come up.

There is also a short video, below. Maybe you would like to be involved in something similar. Let me know.

July News

Flutewise Clubs

We’ve really been enjoying our Flutewise Clubs over the last few months and I’m really delighted we are having the opportunity to perform at the Old Barn Garden Centre in Horsham on 10 August. If you would like to join us can you please let me know as soon as possible? It is very exciting as a dog, Lester, from Canine Partners will be joining us for the performances at 11.00 and 1.00 - maybe if you can’t come and play you can come and support us.
For next term I’ve decided to change the dates to Sundays rather than Saturdays to see if it helps more people to attend. The workshops will be at the usual place, South Portslade Community Centre. There will be two meetings in November as we have another performance at the Old Barn Garden Centre.

It would be really helpful if you could book a place, you don’t have to come to every session, but if I have an idea in advance who is coming I can organise guest artists to come and join us.

22 September (Sunday) 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.

13 October (Sunday) 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.

17 November (Sunday) 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.

24 November (Sunday) 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.- for our performance on 27th November (Wednesday) starting 5.30 pm at the Old Barn Garden Centre, Horsham

15 December (Sunday) 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm. - Christmas party!

New music from last month.

I was really amazed by the response to this, so many people wanting music! I’ll look at all the entries over the weekend and decide how to give the books out. Thanks to everyone who got in touch.


If you still haven’t got your summer holiday sorted there is still time to come to our fantastic course in Croatia. It’s from 21 to 27 August. There is plenty of information on your website but please give me a ring if you are thinking of coming - 01273 702367

Enjoy the summer!

New Music

I’ve had a few new interesting books arrive over the last few weeks. I’m always respectful of any work that gets into print, especially these days, it demonstrates a hug amount of work and confidence for all the people involved. I’m particularly impressed with A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist, second edition by Susan J Maclagan, it is over 400 pages long! This is a publication for you if you love books and want to know everything about the flute.


CITYSNAPSHOTS by James Rae is for one or two flutes with piano or CD accompaniment and is published by Universal Edition. Lovely straightforward pieces for flute players in their early days of learning. The illustrations throughout the book are great, for example in Montmarte Waltz (Paris, France) there are cats dancing in pairs while another paints.


From Scott there are two books by the Ukrainian composer, Kapustin, Sonata for flute and piano and Trio for flute, cello and piano. For the advanced flute player, these are really worth looking at.


Three books have arrived from the French publisher, Lemoine. The easiest, for players around grade 3/4 standard is Couleurs Caraibe for tow flutes and piano by Valerie Rousse. Also by the same composer and under the same title is Couleurs Caraibe for flute, clarinet and piano, players need to be around grade 5 standard. For slightly more advanced players is a book by Sergio Arriagada, 6 Etudes for flute and piano. All great fun to play.


From Tim Knight is a beautiful piece for flute and piano, Waterscapes. For a player of grade 6 or above this would make a lovely recital item. This pieces is distributed by Spartan Press.


Hurrah if you’ve read this far! Would you like one of these books? I’m willing to give them away, all you need do is send me an email telling me which one you would like and why. Use the contact form

June News

If you haven’t booked yet there is still time to join us and have lots of flute playing fun at our Flutewise Club on Saturday 15th June. Simon Williams, Lorna Brown and Carrie Hensel will be joining us.

I’ve got some very exciting news to share. We have been invited to perform at a Garden Centre in the summer and for Christmas! If you live within travelling distance, are a keen flute player and can come along to our Flutewise Clubs, you are very welcome to join us. The details are:

Venue: The Old Barn Garden Centre, A24 Worthing Road, Dial Post, Horsham RH13 8NR.

Summer date: Saturday 10th August 2019 from 11.00 am

Christmas: Wednesday 27th November 2019 from 5.30 pm to c8.00 pm

Rehearsals for the summer performance will be on Friday 9th August in the Chapel at South Portslade Community Centre, 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

There will be two Flutewise Club meetings leading up to the November performance on Saturday 16th and 23rd November 2019 at South Portslade Community Centre, 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

I’m really grateful to the Garden Centre for giving us these opportunities to perform and as well as spreading the word about Flutewise, I hope we can support another very good charity, Canine Partners and raise some funds for this very good cause.

If you would like to be involved please let me know as soon as you can so I can organise suitable music for us to play - the music will be suitable for all standards of players.

As the summer months are very busy for most people I am postponing the Flutewise Club on the Saturdays in July and August.

If you are still wondering how to spend your summer holiday, there is still time to come and join us in Croatia for a really fun, imaginative course with the opportunity to combine it with a family summer holiday. The course is from 21st to 27th August 2019 and includes a day trip to a beautiful island and a performance in a magical castle. Please get in touch very soon if you would like to come and haven’t booked already. 

Kastel Vitturi, where we have our concert at the end of the course. It’s a really magical place.

Kastel Vitturi, where we have our concert at the end of the course. It’s a really magical place.

News Round Up May

Flutewise Club

May is proving to be quite busy. We had a really pleasant Flutewise Club on 18 May when we explored some excellent new arrangements. We sight read through them all, changing parts after each one. They are ideal arrangements for a little plan we are hatching for Flutewise Club soon :)

JJ approves of ‘Simply Tchaikovsky are by Mel Orriss, published by Wonderful Winds

New Music

JJ also approves of two exciting new books which arrived in the post this week.

Flute Reboot - A complete workbook for flute players, published by astute music by Clare Southworth should prove very popular especially adults who haven’t played for awhile and flute players who’ve had a break during GCSEs and A levels. Clare is an extremely experienced teacher and offers us this series of lessons in her workbook that will get rid of cobwebs and inspire lovely flute playing. As well as great advice and stimulating exercises, there is some lovely music which we all want to play. Highly recommended.

Flute Reboot by Clare Southworth has a ‘paws up’ from JJ.

Fit in 15 Minutes by Elisabeth Weinzierl and Edmund Wächter published by Schott Music could make a great companion to Clare’s book. We should all warm up at the beginning of our practice sessions - do you?! - it’s good to have some fresh ideas of what to do and if you followed this book you would cover all the basic flute technique to make you a better player.

JJ thinks he is fit enough already but flute players could all use this book.

Events - Wonderful Winds

You might be interested in this event if you live within travelling distance:

Following the great success of our Wonderful Winds’ Flute Days! around the country, we are delighted to be bringing the event to Peterborough in August 2019. 

Flute Days! presents a unique opportunity for players of all ages and abilities to get together for a day or two of fluting. The emphasis is very much on having fun with the flute and the events are designed to build confidence and improve on the flute, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. 
Saturday 10th August, 10am - 6pm
Suitable for novice/intermediate players and rusty returners! (Approx. Grade 1-5)
Sunday 11th August, 10am - 6pm 
Suitable for more confident/advanced players (Approx Grade 5-Diploma) 
Intermediate players are welcome to attend both days, as are advanced players who would like to support the novice players.
Venue – The Peterborough School, Thorpe Road, Peterborough PE3 6AP

Each day includes:
Sound workshop
Meet the big flutes! 
Massed flute choir
Chamber Music 
Informal concert

The event is coached by myself and my longstanding flute colleague and friend, Joss Campbell.  Joss and I have been leading flute choir workshops together across the country for many years, and our shared enthusiasm for all things ‘flute’ will guarantee a  lively weekend of music making. The music for the weekend will be drawn from the Wonderful Windscatalogue of flute music. We will be using this resource for the massed flute choir sessions, and making the full library of some 300 pieces available for the smaller chamber music sessions. If you’ve had first-hand experience of using or playing pieces from our catalogue, you will appreciate how much players enjoy them; we are very excited to be able to share this resource more widely!
There will also be a Wonderful Winds pop-up shop in case you are inspired to take some music home.  

You can find more details, including prices, bursary opportunities, teacher discounts, timetables and application forms (for Adults and Under 18s) on the Wonderful Winds website here. Discounted Early-Bird booking is now open (until 10th June), and places are limited, so early booking is recommended.  


This information might be of interest which I received in an email from Amy Yuan:

The 2nd New Talent British International Youth Music Competition

‘I am a violin alumna of Royal Academy of Music and leader of NYOGB in 2007 and now run my own music academy. The academy builds platforms for young musicians both in Britain and China, part of what we do, is an International youth music competition which we run in association with British Music Society. 

Building on the success of the 1st New Talent British International Youth Music Competition last August, we are running the Competition for its 2nd year this August at Harrow School. This year we are open to Strings, Piano, Voice, Woodwind and Brass, Speech, age 4-24 at all levels. We have 7 jurors on the panel including professors from Royal Academy of Music on the Jury Panel such as Head of Strings - Jo Cole. Every candidate receives a hand-written feedback from a member of the Jury Panel. There are Opening Concert and Award Winners’ Concert (at the beautiful Harrow School Old Speech Room), top prize winners are invited to perform by British Embassy Beijing to perform at the Expo 2019 Beijing, so lots of performing opportunities!

I was wondering if you could be so kind to spread the word about this year's Competition to your students. We also have printed brochures, would it be useful to post some to you? The entry fee is £50/instrument which includes official accompanist and a run-through with the accompanist. 

Detailed information can be found:
Online Brochure:
Facebook Page: 
I would be most grateful if you could please help us share.’ 

Enjoy the rest of May!

Youtube and copyright

I’m not sure why I’ve had an email from YouTube about a copyright claim from a Flutewise video from a course way back in 2010. The young flute players play Sumer is a cumin in (which no one has any idea how old it is or who wrote it and the other piece is Greensleeves performed by Matej Zupan - it’s lovely playing, you should listen. Both of these pieces are in the public domain and these editions are from our Flutewise publications. I’m confused.

Flutewise members made short video clips about different aspects of our course. In this clip we see the chapel at Abbotsholme School where we do most of our work when we are in a large group. There is a wonderful grand piano in this beautiful room.

Flutewise at Woldingham 2019 - to photocopy or not to photocopy

We had a great time on our course at Woldingham. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and worked exceedingly hard.

For one workshop we looked at music publishing and photocopying. You can see what we learnt in the video below. The lovely people at Schott publishing kindly donated a piece of music for everyone. It did make everyone very happy!

On our course at Woldingham in April 2019 we learnt all about publishing, buying music and why we should think twice about photocopying music

Flutewise at Woldingham 2019

We’ve started!

Everyone is so pleased to be back at Woldingham. I provide to try and post a few updates for parents when I can. No need to worry, everyone is having a lovely time. It was great to see how well everyone eats at dinner last night, the food here is excellent, lots of choice and good to see many going back for seconds.

The single bedrooms have not proved to be an issue at all (yet!). The only problem we’ve had is I broke my shower door this morning and got stuck in the shower. I managed to get out or I couldn’t post this :)

All of the staff are wonderful. Currently we are having a warm up and workshop with Vicki Hodges. Everyone is happy and busy and we’ve got a full day planned.

More when I can.

We’ve had a bit of an eventful day. There has been lots of great playing going on, fantastic friendships developing, more lovely food and input and support from exceptional staff.

We had a workshop with Roderick Seed this afternoon and he also brought Just Flutes travelling shop. I’m not convinced my ears enjoyed all of the flute and piccolo trying! The workshop went down very well, so thanks for everything Rod.

Currently there is a great deal of giggling going on due to a creative piece we are constructing all around the idea of my cat, JJ.

I hope I can report more tomorrow.

Update Wednesday

A peaceful night was had by all. Single rooms seem to work well.

We’ve had a lovely busy morning. The warm up was all to do with earning Easter Eggs (Thanks Alexandra and parents for so many eggs). They all thought we’d be having an Easter Egg hunt but the staff decided we needed to make them work hard instead rotating around to staff members to do various activities to warm up. It was so much fun. Then flute choir. Then working on their graphic scores, which everyone is loving.

Now we are working on solos with piano. Everyone will perform them later today.

The food continues to be outstanding and the sun is shining. What more could we want? Oh yes, we all had yummy cakes this morning thanks to Sophie, Max and Tomoko.