The Great Flutewise Woldingham Adventure

The count down is on for all of those lucky flute players who are coming to our Flutewise course at Woldingham next week. What a Flutewise Adventure we are going to have! I've got a course planned which is packed with incredible activities. There are so many amazing staff involved I think our course members are going to learn so much and experience some fantastic music making.

The house staff (people who are there all the time) will be myself, Abbie Burrows, Lorna Brown and Simon Williams. We'll settle everyone in on Monday and we'll play some ensemble music, Abbie is bound to come up with an amazing musical activity and we'll have our favourite bedtime concert at the end of the evening.

On Tuesday morning we will be joined by flute player and pianist, Carolyn Kelly, who along with Vicki Hodges, will be working on solos and how to perform them really well. Vicki is now an opera singer (she's been attending Flutewise courses since she was 6!) and really brings a new dimension on how to perform. Her warm ups are also pretty awesome. Clare Jefferis will also be with us on Tuesday and she'll be helping everyone to explore the piccolo. Janina Byrne will also be coming along to see what we get up to and joining in.

On Wednesday Emma Halnan and Ian Judson will be with us. I'm sure we will be treated to Emma performing for us as well as enjoying her workshop on how to get the best out of practice. Ian is going to be concentrating on how to be brilliant in grade exams. He has some really good tips to share.

On Thursday we've got Gareth McLearnon. We all love Gareth's endless energy and enthusiasm. He'll almost certainly bring along a huge collection of flutes including his stunning contra bass. Also on Thursday we are hoping to see Jonathan Myall from Just Flutes.

As well as all of our guest staff giving workshops, the house staff have lots of activities planned. I've heard whispers about the scale game, a sight reading game, a bit of beatboxing and lots more. I can't wait and neither can the staff. We are so lucky so many people want to share their skills and be involved in our Flutewise Adventure.

If you are feeling jealous because you aren't coming, why not hurry and book a place on our Abbotsholme summer course?