Hot off the press ...

... well sort of. After the postman bringing some lovely copies of music this week, I've just discovered a bit of a pile waiting for me to tell all of our Flutewise friends about. Sorry everyone, I'm a bit behind what with all the website challenges and organising so many events for this year. So here is a round up of new music. I'll be giving to all away! Maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive one of them.

First of all publications from Schott. I really like Schott publications, the printing and presentation is always of a really high standard and the contents great. The publications are available in print or pdf download with downloadable MP3 Play-along tracks.

Wilhelm Popp  3 Concert Pieces

I really enjoyed playing through Wilhelm Popp (1828-1902) 3 Concert Pieces for flute and piano. Suitable for players of around Grade 4 to 5 standard they would make a lovely concert item, my favourite being the 3rd one, Pompadour - Gavotte. 



Also in the same series are

Wilhelm Popp 2 Salon Pieces

Again these are for flute and piano and would make great concert items for flute players of over Grade 6 standard.

Emil Kronke Humming Birds

This album contains 6 pieces for flute and piano for beginner flute players. Each piece concentrates on a different aspect of playing. Really good stuff. Kronke (1865 - 1938) was a German composer who wrote quite a bit of flute repertoire, worth exploring.

Also from Schott

English Folk Tunes for Flute 1 or 2 parts

This book contains 54 traditional pieces edited by Vicki Swann. It's suitable for players from Grade 3 standard and has an accompanying CD

Duets for Fun

This is a collection of easy duets covering from Baroque to Modern repertoire

Easy Folk Flute

This book contains 52 tunes that beginners will enjoy from all around the world. There is a backing CD and the piano parts are available as a free PDF download.

For more information visit the Schott website

Music from Spartan Press

I don't know if you know, but as well as publishing it's own music, Spartan Press distribute music for a lot of other publishers. They always seem very supportive of us flute players and offer a huge library of publications.

Wilhelm Popp Sonatine Op 388 No 1 and No 2

That Wilhelm Popp is getting around a lot at the moment. These two gems for flute and piano have been edited by Susan Milan, one of the UK's leading flute players and respected teacher. They are perfect for players over Grade 6 standard as recital items. Really so flutey!

Tim Knight - Winterscape

Tim Knight - Beside Still Waters

Tim Knight is quite a prolific composer. I especially like Winterscape for Flute and Piano. It is beautiful. His Beside Still Waters is subtitled 5 Reflections on Psalm 23 for C instrument and piano. Players over Grade 5/6 standard will enjoy these.

Alan Bullard - Duologues

Advanced players of both flute and piano will enjoy exploring Alan Bullard's Duologues. There are 3 movements

Jeffery Wilson - First Flute

Then for absolute beginners there is an excellent publication, First Flute, which has solos, duets, improvisation and ensemble pieces. Really good material to enhance any lesson.

Richard Strauss - Der Zweikampf (1884) The Duel

Now this does look exciting! It was attributed to Richard Strauss and Phylloscopus Publications (distributed by Spartan Press) have brought out two versions - for flute, bassoon and chamber orchestra and one for flute and bassoon with piano reduction. they have been edited by Chris and Frances Nex. Let me know if you would like to try this!

Glazunoz - Trios Miniatures Op 42

Mark Tanner has transcribed these superb pieces - Pastorale, Polka and Valse by Russian composer, Alexander Glazunoz (1865 - 1936), for flute and piano. Really enjoyable for the more advanced flute player to tackle and enjoy.

For more information on all of these visit the Spartan Press website

Chris Green - Zinging

Chris Green - Unzipped

These two pieces are both published by Emerson Edition, another excellent publisher of flute music. Zinging is for solo flute and Unzipped is for flute duet. They both use extended techniques, a bit of beat boxing and singing and playing. Great fun for players around Grade 5 to 6 standard. 

It is worth having a look at the June Emerson website.


There are four books in my pile from Forton Music.

Lynne Williams - Flute Duets for Young Players

Lynne Williams - Thirty One Two Three

Lynne Williams - Twenty Four Five

Karen Gourlay - High Five

Some great material here, written, obviously by flute teachers who know just what young flute players can do! The Flute Duets is suitable for very beginners. The other two books by Lynne Williams are progressive study books for solo flute, starting from beginner standard to about Grade 3/4. Karen Gourlay's High Five is a collection of ten original easy pieces for flute and piano. Good stuff.

Look at the Forton Music website to see what else they have available.


Finally, there are 4 books published by Lemoine which are well worth sharing.

Gjovalin Nona - Musique des Balkans

Gjovalin Nona - Musiques Traditionnelles Albanaises

These are original compositions by this Albanian composer. They are for solo flute, one piece is for 2 flutes and they have chords. Very interesting.

Sergios Arriagada - 10 Pieces Latino Américaines

This album is great fun. For the beginner flute player up to Grade 3, these are for flute and piano and the book comes with a CD.



Jacques Lesburgueres - Une flute itinerante

This is described as a musical trip around the world - France, Africa, Japan, India, Balkans). Tricky stuff, with some extended techniques well worth exploring. It is for solo flute with accompanying CD which uses an interesting variety of instruments Cor Anglais, Harp, Glockenspiel etc.

For more information check out Lemoine Editions website

Thanks for reading this far. I wonder if you might be the lucky recipient of one of the books above!