The Purple Cow

I’ve had a lovely present, a Purple Cow! Thanks to the generosity and skill of Lorna Brown. There is a story to tell …

This video is The Purple Cow in Croatia

People who have been involved with Flutewise have probably experienced using the poem, The Purple Cow, for creative music making. The poem is:
I’ve never seen a purple cow
I never hope to see one
But I can tell you anyhow
I’d rather see than be one.

I first came across that poem when my friend Lynne who I started flute lessons with gave me a small purple cow as a birthday present and that poem was around his/her neck. I’ve never forgotten Lynne, the cow and lovely Friday afternoons playing flute duets from the Otto Langey Tutor book.

Lorna made me this cow and left him at my apartment door just before she left Croatia. That afternoon quite a number of the young people who had been on the course were cooking a meal for their parents. Somehow they managed to spill lots of milk all over the floor and the cow - I have no idea how! A mum gave him a bit of a wash but by the time I received him he was rather wet and still smelling a bit of milk. I’m pleased to say he made the journey safely home and enjoyed a wash in the washing machine, so all is well. I have a feeling this cow might get up to quite a few adventures :)

The Purple Cow enjoying the sunshine in Croatia

The Purple Cow enjoying the sunshine in Croatia