Flutewise at the Old Barn Garden Centre

Michelle with Lester and some of the flute players

Michelle with Lester and some of the flute players

Yesterday some of us enjoyed a really lovely day at The Old Barn Garden Centre, Horsham. We were there to perform and raise funds for a charity, Canine Partners.

The flute players who attended take part in our Flutewise Club which is held monthly in Portslade, this happens with the support from Music for All. We put together a programme of music that we hoped the general public would enjoy hearing. This is what we played:

1. When You Wish Upon a Star - everyone

2. Carmen: Bizet - Max, Sophie, Tomoko

3. In Hall of Mountain King: Grieg arranged by Jerry Randalls

4. Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons arranged by Jerry Randalls

5. Autumn from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons arranged by Jerry Randalls

6. Gossec: Tambourin   - Max, Sophie, Tomoko

7. Londonderry  - Max, Sophie, Tomoko

8. Caprice: Paganini arranged by Jerry Randalls

9. Yellow Submarine

10. Over the Rainbow

Session Time - 

11. Lotus Talk

12. Memory

13. Summertime

14. Mike Mower - Folk Song Medley

We performed at 11.00 and 1.00 and our programme lasted 40 minutes. That took a lot of stamina for the young players.

Michelle, who has a dog, Lester, came along from Canine Partners. It’s a great small charity that provides helping dogs for disabled people. Michelle told us how Lester can answer the door, fill and empty the washing machine, pick things up she needs, help with the shopping and even understands cash withdrawal machines! As well as his amazing skills he is the most gorgeous dog. We raised £90.15! We are hoping to repeat our performance next term and hope we can raise more, especially as one of our very original Flutewise members, Carla, is on the list to have a dog.

I’m really impressed and thrilled with our flute players who worked so hard and gave their time to do this (and their parents who supported) and I’m grateful to the Old Barn Garden Centre. All of the staff we came across were so lovely.

At the end of our performances we had a look around the garden centre and we were thrilled to find an owl display - we found our Flutewise owl, Flutey! If you click on the photos, lots of different ones will come up.

There is also a short video, below. Maybe you would like to be involved in something similar. Let me know.