Flutewise at Woldingham 2019

We’ve started!

Everyone is so pleased to be back at Woldingham. I provide to try and post a few updates for parents when I can. No need to worry, everyone is having a lovely time. It was great to see how well everyone eats at dinner last night, the food here is excellent, lots of choice and good to see many going back for seconds.

The single bedrooms have not proved to be an issue at all (yet!). The only problem we’ve had is I broke my shower door this morning and got stuck in the shower. I managed to get out or I couldn’t post this :)

All of the staff are wonderful. Currently we are having a warm up and workshop with Vicki Hodges. Everyone is happy and busy and we’ve got a full day planned.

More when I can.

We’ve had a bit of an eventful day. There has been lots of great playing going on, fantastic friendships developing, more lovely food and input and support from exceptional staff.

We had a workshop with Roderick Seed this afternoon and he also brought Just Flutes travelling shop. I’m not convinced my ears enjoyed all of the flute and piccolo trying! The workshop went down very well, so thanks for everything Rod.

Currently there is a great deal of giggling going on due to a creative piece we are constructing all around the idea of my cat, JJ.

I hope I can report more tomorrow.

Update Wednesday

A peaceful night was had by all. Single rooms seem to work well.

We’ve had a lovely busy morning. The warm up was all to do with earning Easter Eggs (Thanks Alexandra and parents for so many eggs). They all thought we’d be having an Easter Egg hunt but the staff decided we needed to make them work hard instead rotating around to staff members to do various activities to warm up. It was so much fun. Then flute choir. Then working on their graphic scores, which everyone is loving.

Now we are working on solos with piano. Everyone will perform them later today.

The food continues to be outstanding and the sun is shining. What more could we want? Oh yes, we all had yummy cakes this morning thanks to Sophie, Max and Tomoko.