Flutewise Club


I’m really pleased to say we’ve found a new home to run our Flutewise Club. We tried it out last Saturday and it is fine. We all enjoyed ourselves and learnt a great deal - especially learning the degrees of the scale by playing ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’! You had to be there! Having a go on the bass flute, alto flute and piccolo was also very popular. It’s an easy place to get to if you don’t live too far away. We had flute players join us from Brighton, Ashford and Caterham, so it’s good to know people are willing to travel. There will be a session every month. More details and dates can be found here. I’ve some very exciting plans for the future, so I hope lots of you can join us. We are aiming to make it very social so parents and family can come and join us for a cup of tea and cake or biscuits at the end of each session.

Big thanks to Music for All for helping us to make this possible.