Happy birthday Flutewise!

I've had some birthday messages that I thought you'd like to see.

First a poem from Frances Thornton

Ode to Flutewise!

Flutewise is 30! Hip Hip Hooray!
An exciting event I really must say!
So many Flautists have loved it to date
but you can still get involved! it's never too late!

There's so many courses than you can attend
to make lots of Music and make lots of new friends.
You'll learn loads of stuff and have a real hoot!
Do workshops and concerts, 
and fun games with your flute!

Flutewise is awesome! it really is!
great for young Flautists.. so thank you to Liz!
So check the events, courses and flute days
And enjoy playing your flute in a thousand and one ways!!

Happy Anniversary!

Frances x

Also ...

Happy birthday, Flutewise :).  So pleased to hear that Flutewise has reached this milestone.  I personally had many amazing experiences at events led by Flutewise, even though I was surrounded by a very much younger generation of flute players.  It didn't faze me at all because we all had one thing in common, playing the flute, making music and having fun.  May I wish Flutewise many many more years of playing, a great group for the budding flute players:).  Enjoy the year as you celebrate.

Carla Woods


Have we really been doing this for 30 years? I only help out occasionally, but have been there from the beginning ( aaaargh chippenflutes) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lots of love

Tim Kipling

Anyone remember the Chippenflutes?!

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