Gareth Davies Competition Time!

Every flute player I know loves our Flutewise friend, Gareth Davies. Gareth is principal flute of the London Symphony Orchestra and as well as an exceptional musician he is an extra exceptional person.

I was very excited when I heard he had recorded a brand new flute concerto. As flute players, we really do need new repertoire, so a new flute concerto is always welcomed. Douglas Knehans is the composer of tis exciting work, it’s wonderful to listen to, but if you want to play it, you are going to have to work hard! Did I say listen to and play it? I’m one of the lucky few who has heard it. The recording won’t be released until April, but you could win a copy and/or a copy of the music now! Between Gareth, Douglas and myself we’ve come up with 2 competitions - one a very, very easy one and one a little bit harder. See below.

The Album is entitled ‘Unfinished Earth’ and has two works, the flute concerto, ‘Tempest’ and an orchestral work, ‘Unfinished Earth’. The works are performed by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mikel Toms. 

This is what the composer, Douglas Knehans (read more about him here says about his works:

“Tempest, my flute concerto, was shaped by the thought of wind—such an essential element to the flute and flute playing—and how, in the natural world, this courses across the planet in different ways from benign to hostile. The three movements reflect different wind patterns found around the globe and served as a departure point for a three movement work cast in a quasi-classical frame of fast-slow-fast structure. Each movement engages a message, I hope, beyond mere tone painting, to reflect deeper aspects of the human condition, the human experience, thought, reflection, psychology and emotion. The highly virtuosic solo part is played Gareth Davies, the principal flute of the London Symphony Orchestra, and he is spectacular.

Unfinished Earth is a longer and deeper work, again cast in three movements, and delving into the constant degradation and reformation of earth and sea. Just as the earth slowly changes and evolves, we ourselves are constantly evolving through the deepening of our life experience, the processing of life’s joys and tragedies, and the inner passage of our turmoils and triumphs. Tempering, the first movement, is about the formation of earth and the molten rock that is risen from the subterranean earthen smelter to become land. For me, this is a movement about becoming, and through such becoming, firming in our senses of self, just as earth does as it becomes land. Eternal Ocean, the second movement, evokes the shifting currents of deep ocean, again, as a metaphor for the unfocussed and at times even conflicting currents of the inner emotional worlds of the human experience. The final movement Tearing Drift is again a work with multivalent meanings: some referring to the ripping apart or fractures in the earth’s surface as might happen in an earthquake perhaps; to the alternative meaning of the first word of the title not as being torn but as crying. This notion of an earth cry or deep subterranean swell of grief was a central image and intent of this movement. The strident wind and brass microtonal peals and screams against the strong percussive thrust of this movement was intended to reflect such an earth cry—or even the Munchian silent scream of isolated man.    

These two works represent different views of how the external metaphors of wind and earth may be shaped to reflect the more intimate internal worlds of the human heart and mind.”


I’m sure you would love to be one of the first people to have a copy of this CD or a copy of the music. So here are the two competitions. You can enter one or both. The closing date will be 14 February when all correct answers will be put into a hat or box or flute case. The lucky winners will be informed by email and announced on our website.


Competition 1 - to win a CD recording Unfinished Earth

Gareth Davies is Principal Flute in the LSO. What does LSO stand for?  

a) Luscious Slovenian Octet

b) London Street Operational 

c) London Saxophone Organisation

d) London Symphony Orchestra


Competition 2 - to win a copy of the music ‘Tempest’ by Douglas KnehanS

Answer both questions

1. The LSO is 113 years old. Gareth has been Principal flute since 2000. Daniel Wood was the 1st ever principal flute. What number do you think Gareth is?

3rd, 9th or 20th?

2. In an average year, how many concerts does the LSO perform around the world?

25, 99 or 140

To enter use this link

Good luck!