Flutewise in Tonbridge - we did it!

Over 30 years of Flutewise I've faced all sorts of challenges with events. Our day at Tonbridge gave me a new one - snow! We were due to have the event on 4 March, but the school closed the venue because of the snow. Luckily we managed to reschedule the vent for the 18 March feeling very confident the weather would be fine by then. We had a few days of lovely spring weather and then more snow! It wasn't quite as bad this time so we could go ahead.

The event was held at the Schools at Somerhill in Tonbridge, a lovely venue. It's with a big thanks to Pat Daniels for making this happen every year. The morning was a BFS workshop for adults with Abbie Burrows and Gareth McLearnon. Patrick Onn also came along with his travelling flute shop. In the afternoon it was a fun filled packed Flutewise event. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and learn so many new things about the flute. As well as warming up exercises, flute choir playing, seeing Abbie and Gareth's growing collection of amazing flutes, everyone really enjoyed being extremely creative in the Scale Game.

As it is Flutewise's 30th anniversary we had cake! Yummy. 

The day ended with a very short performance to parents. It was really lovely, hearing the music and watching the snow out of the window. 

Many thanks to everyone who made the day so special. Looking forward to the next one.