Flutewise in Tonbridge

On the 14 May we enjoyed an excellent Flutewise event at the Schools at Somerhill in Tonbridge, thanks to Pat Daniels. 

This is a lovely venue and has become a regular feature on our Flutewise calendar. We were so lucky to have Ian Clarke leading proceedings this year. The morning event was just for grownups who all seemed to really learn a great deal from Ian. The afternoon was just for our young Flutewise people and Ian was joined by Simon Williams - people who've been to Woldingham and Abbotsholme will all remember Simon as one of our Apprentices.

I started the afternoon session with some getting to know you games and then Simon took over with a warm-up song. It involved lots of getting up and down off the floor which looked like very hard work but great fun. Ian then took over and led us through a flute warm up. 

We divided into 2 groups at that point - Ian's group went off and a quartet from Somerhill played to him as well as Daniel performed the Great Train Race. The other group enjoyed some creative music making using the idea of my famous (or infamous!) Purple Cow. Both groups prepared an ensemble piece.

After a short break we all joined together to work on Walk Like This and then the parents arrived so it was time for a short concert to show the parents what we'd been up to. It was really magical to hear teacher and student, Ian and Simon, perform pieces composed by the teacher!

We were also lucky to have Patrick Onn from Top Wind with his travelling shop with us all day. 

As well as thanks to Pat, there is a big thank you due to the Schools at Somerhill for letting use their fantastic venue.

It was a really lovely day, I enjoyed it very much and I think everyone else did. Can't wait for the next one!