Flutewise/ABRSM Flute Choir Competition

Announcing the Flutewise/ABRSM Flute Choir Competition

Here is something that should really excite members of Flute Choirs and give them something to work towards!

Flute choirs are invited to enter our very first Flutewise/ABRSM Flute Choir Competition. There are two categories:

  • Open (for players of all ages)
  • School age (all players must be under the age of 19)

The First Round is by recorded YouTube submission. The closing date for the first round will be 5 May 2017. Flute choirs who win a place in the Final Round will be informed by 31 May 2017.

The Final Round will take place on the morning of Sunday 16 July at The John McIntosh Arts Centre, London Oratory School, Seagrave Road, London SW6 1RX, before our afternoon event. The winners of each category will be invited to perform in the evening concert which starts at 17.30.

Do you want to enter your group? There will be more details soon on how to do this, but first of all you might like to get ready and prepare the pieces, so read on.

Open category Set piece Flutewise Theme by Gareth McLearnon plus own choice (There is a time limit of a maximum of 4 minutes for own choice piece or section/movement).

The Flutewise Theme is available from http://www.garethmclearnon.com/flutechoirworks/the-flutewise-theme-pdf-download

There is a discount code for this piece which offers you 50% discount on the PDF price, so it will cost only £4.25The code is FLUTEWISE50 plus own choice (There is a time limit of a maximum of 4 minutes for own choice piece or section/movement).

School age category Set pieces Walk Like This by Ian Clarke and The Dolphin from Luna’s Magic Flute (for flute choir) by Blaz Pucihar. This can be either played on C flutes only or C flutes plus alto and bass. The version for C flute only is be available for download from http://www.garethmclearnon.com/the-dolphin

or the full work can be purchased from Just Flutes, Musicroom (Music Sales), Top Wind, All Flutes Plus or any helpful music shop should be able to order it for you.


  • The Open Category is open to all age ranges, including adult only groups. All players for the School Age Category must be up to the age of 18.
  • There must be a minimum of 6 players in each flute choir, no maximum.
  • There can be more than one player to each part.
  • The choir can be made up of all C flutes or C flutes plus harmony flutes (piccolo, alto, bass, contra bass) plus piano if needed.
  • The time limit is 4 minutes for own choice piece for the Open Category.
  • The adjudicators will include Gareth McLearnon, Ana Pucihar and Blaz Pucihar.
  • The adjudicators’ decision is final.
  • Entries will not be viewed until the entry fee of £30 is received by Flutewise.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners and runners up of each category and every group entering will win a prize. There will be no alternative prizes.
  • For the final round Flute choir directors must submit a full list of all flute choir members including their full postal address, email, telephone and date of birth or ‘over 18’ by 7 July 2017

The competition entry cost for each flute choir is £30. Flute choir members can also apply for a reduced price ticket for the Flutewise Live Event which will take place on the afternoon of 16 July (£15 instead of £25). Every flute choir entering this competition will win a prize! (This will be awarded on or after 16 July 2017). Prizes will also be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place winners in each category. Prizes will be announced soon.

Further details on how to enter this fantastic competition will be available soon. The closing date for the first round will be 5 May 2017, the final will be on the morning of 16 July.

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