Woldingham 2019

We had an amazing course at Woldingham in April 2019.

The staff will be:
Liz Goodwin, Jerry Randalls, Abbie Burrows, Carrie Hensel, Joleigh Saunders, Lorna Brown

Flutewise Apprentices - Izzy Way, Jess Cooling

Flutewise Apprentices in training - Eliza Woodward, Rachel, Hancock, and Liz Meyer

Visiting staff to include - Carolyn Kelly, Vicki Hodges, Rod Seed

We enjoyed a huge range of activities. The photos should tell the story. There are loads, click on them. Enjoy.

The videos are below the photos - more to come!

Here is the Quantz Trio used for the Graphic score (thanks Jerry)

Here is the baroque trill sheet (thanks again Jerry)


This is We All Stand Together by McCartney directed by Carrie Hensel at our end of course concert at Woldingham April 2019
JJ Quantz (the cat) Graphic Score directed by Jerry Randalls
This is Toot Sweets from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Sherman (published by Wonderful Winds) and performed at our end of course concert at Woldingham, April 2019. Directed by Carrie Hensel
Flutewise course members working together and being so creative
Here are clips from the solos people performed on our course at Woldingham April 2019
On our course at Woldingham in April 2019 we learnt all about publishing, buying music and why we should think twice about photocopying music
A few favourite photos from our Flutewise course at Woldingham in April 2019
Everyone received a gift of a set of Penny Whistles. Jerry Randalls taught everyone Skye Boat Song from memory in less than 5 minutes