I Love Playing My Flute


Do you love playing your flute? You must do if you are on this website. Have you thought of the reasons why you love playing? 

If you would like to be involved in a HUGE Flutewise project you might like to make a short video with the title, 'Why I Love Playing the Flute'. The video should last between 2 and 8 minutes and can include music, talking and anything else you think is important.

Liz will award prizes to all of the good ones and some of you might win the opportunity to take part in a project which is beyond your wildest dreams!

If you are under 18 you must check with your parents before you submit your video. There is no closing date at the moment, but if you are interested do it as soon as you can. The information you give will never be passed onto anyone else. We will contact you if we love your video and want to post it on our site to ask for your permission.

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