These are the videos from our performance at the end of our course in Croatia in August 2018 in Kastel Vitturi

Croatia 2018 - Close Every Door To Me by Andrew lloyd Webber arr. Peter Lawrance
Flutewise Croatia 2018 C Jam Blues and the Purple Cow - flute players creating and exploring with the blues scale and a poem
Flutewise Croatia 2018. Guest Marko Blanusa Recorder - Telemann Fantasia
Flutewise Croatia 2018 - Skye Cat (Lotus Talk) by Colin Evans
Flutewise Croatia 2018 - Memory from Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Peter Wastall
Flutewise Croatia 2018 - Butterflies by Chris Barron with solos from Paola Vrdojlak and Roko Juric
Flutewise Croatia 2018 My Dog Pooh by Michael Isaacson
Flutewise in Croatia 2018 - Marko Zupan joined us for our final concert and improvsied on te theme 'animals'. Can you name them?
Flutewise Croatia 2018 Walk Like This by Ian Clarke We always end our concerts in Croatia with this piece
This video has photos from our course in August 2018 with music played by Clare Southworth and Tim Carey from Flutewise Project 3, Gates: Sonata Danzas 3rd movement
This video has photos of our day trip to Park Prirode Sutivan on the Island of Brac. Music is Trevor Wye and Cliiford Benson playing No. 4 from Six Pieces by Ridout, recorded for Project Flutewsie 1
Here are photos from our Flutewise concert in Kastel Vitturi, Croatia, August 2018 with music from Project Flutewise 1 &3 Trevor Wye, Clifford Benson performing Saint Saens The Swan and Clare Southworth and Tim Carey performing Mike Mower's That's Enough of That from Not The Boring Stuff.
This video has photos of the certificate/medal presentation at the end of our final concert in Kastel Vitturi on the last day of our Flutewise course in August 2018. The music is Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson performing Handel's Sonata in F major for Project Flutewsie 1