Spring Competition Winners 2018



Spring Competition!

I LOVED the entries I received for this competition. I had plenty to choose from but I'm sure you will agree with me the people below are worthy winners.

This was the competition:

Here is a lovely, easy competition for every flute player to enter. All you need do is answer the questions below and complete the statement ... My flute playing dream is ... . Three lucky entrants will receive a suitable book of flute music (don't forget to tell us your playing standard), some Flutewise postcards, some Flutewise stickers and a surprise! Entries close on 18 June 2018 and the winners will be announced on our website.

Prizes are on the way to the winners:

Name: Layla

Make of my flute: I have a Trevor James flute and a Just Flutes piccolo.

How long I play each day: I play for 1 hour a day, 45 minutes on my flute, then 10 minutes on my piccolo and then I play some more flute scales or exercises.

My favourite flute player is ...: My teacher Carrie Hensel because she is very inspirational. She has a group called the Flute Roots and they play some lovely tunes, really fast and also fun tunes like movies and musicals, or different tunes like ones in pentatonic scales. Carrie plays so many different instruments for Flute Roots. She also runs some really great Flute Days. I had never thought of playing piccolo before seeing Peter Verhoyen play at Carrie's Flute Day. As my teacher she is always very cheerful and happy hand positive and she encourages me to do my very best.

My flute playing dream is ...: I would like to get a flute scholarship at my senior school. I would like to join the Hampshire Flute Choir and the Hampshire Youth Training Wind Ensemble. One day I would like to make it into the Hampshire County Youth Orchestra. I would also like to become first an apprentice and then a teacher at Flutewise because they are all so great.

Age: Under 18

Playing standard (ABRSM Grade): 5


Name: Emme 

Make of my flute: Yamaha

How long I play each day: Half an hour to an hour

My favourite flute player is ...: Carrie Hensel because without her I wouldn’t know as much about music.

My flute playing dream is ...: To make new friends through music because then I can play duets with them and you will also have a closer relationship with people who like the same sort of thing as you.

Age: Under 18

Playing standard (ABRSM Grade): Grade 5


Name: Amelia Make of my flute: Trevor James cantabile

How long I play each day: 2 hrs

My favourite flute player is ...: Greg Patillo he is so cool 😎

My flute playing dream is ...: To play my flute in every country of the world. I always take it on holiday with me. If you look on my FaceBook page you will see me playing my flute last week on the beach 🏖

Age: Under 18

Playing standard (ABRSM Grade): 6