Slovenian Flute Festival
to May 20

Slovenian Flute Festival

This Flute Festival takes place every two years and it is the BEST flute event ever (apart from Flutewise ones of course!) It is in a beautiful country and the playing you hear is truly amazing thanks to the incredible organisation of Matej Zupan and friends.

Emily Beynon from England will be performing this year along with players from South Korea, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, USA, China and Slovenia.

If you would like to come please give me (Liz Goodwin) a ring o1273 702367.

Details can be found here


This section of our website is dedicated to flute events organised by other people.  They are all events that might be of interest to flute players young and old. Parents are advised that these events have not been checked out by Flutewise in regards to child safe guarding, parents should contact the organisers of the events if they plan to send their child to find out suitability.



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